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CoWorking Space vs Executive Suites

Ok, you started a new business and you are thinking about renting office space. Or maybe you need an additional office space in a new city. I would answer the following questions first.

How many employees will you have?

Short or long term commitment?

If you have less than 10 employees and you are looking for a short term commitment then you might consider coworking space or executive suites.

Ok, sounds good but what is the difference in coworking space and executive suites?

Glad you asked and here is a quick comparison.

Executive Suites:

Usually, described as a collection of offices or suites which are supported by a common receptionist. The executive suites offer internet, printers, kitchen area, conference rooms, mail room and other office amenities. Executive suites are more private in that you have your own office or offices. Typically, it is plug and play so all you need is your work computer. The fee is usually monthly or short term and treated as a membership versus a lease.

Biggest advantage is you have more privacy over coworking space.

Coworking Space:

Similar to executive suites but with a more open environment. There are options for private offices and options in open space for just a desk. One goal of a CoWorking space is to create an opportunity to collaborate with other businesses. CoWorking will offer fun events and workshops. CoWorking is a short term commitment and typically offers cheaper memberships than executive suites.

Biggest advantages are opportunity for collaboration and more economic options versus executive suites.

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“Empowering Tenants To Make Their Own Leasing Decision”

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