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Empowering Tenants To Make Their Own Leasing Decision

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Here are some key points to negotiating a commercial lease:


LeaseWithEase empowers tenants to make their own leasing decisions and can save a tenant 10% to 20% on their next lease negotiation.  LeaseWithEase contacts landlords directly versus searching an out dated database.

LeaseWithEase Provides:

  • Accurate Market Data
  • Free Professional Advice
  • Lease Analysis Tools

LeaseWithEase creates leverage by letting landlords compete for your business.  We contact landlords directly versus searching an out dated database to give tenants the most up to date market information.  Tenants will remain anonymous as data is collected from landlords.  LeaseWithEase allows tenants to feel confident that they are negotiating the best lease for their business.  LeaseWithEase only consults tenants so there is no conflict of interest between tenant and landlord.

"LeaseWithEase provided us market knowledge that made us feel like we were making the right decision" - Becky H, AV Innovations

Why LeaseWithEase?

Keys To Negotiating A Lease

Fill out a Free Market Search located at the top right of this page and get access to market data that will assist you in your search for commercial space.  

The search is free and quick.

Create Leverage

To create leverage and understand the market compare offers from three or more properties.

"LeaseWithEase found space that we could grow into and negotiated a lease that fit our growth. " - Jon F, TechStorm


Give yourself plenty of time to find the right space for you company.  Ideally you should allow six to nine months to find space and negotiate a lease.  Start early or you might not find the best space for your company.

"LeaseWithEase negotiating skills assisted us in expanding our existing space" - Chris Y., Quest Financial

Market Data

Study the market data before you start negotiating a lease.

Disclosure: Information is considered to be from a reliable source but LeaseWithEase will use real time data to confirm data is up to date and accurate.

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